After a meeting with my colleague Mike recently, he mentioned that he still finds himself thinking about the week he and I spent in Antarctica last month. In addition to the raw beauty of the pristine continent, he was very impressed with the camaraderie and good humor of the folks who live and work in such isolated and often harsh environs. He said he particularly enjoyed the signage at McMurdo, which I didn’t understand until he showed me photos he had taken during his late-night walks.

Because my last few posts have focused on policy and other serious matters, I thought I’d share with you a few of those signs that tickled Mike’s fancy, as a light way to start a relaxing weekend. Relaxing for you, hopefully. I’ll be hustling through airports and spending all day tomorrow on a 16-hour flight from Washington to Hong Kong, which I generally find anything but relaxing.


Not funny, but a sign of good humor, camaraderie, and the occasional frock party.


Another welcome to a special community, walking distance from our friends at Scott.


A little taste of Arizona.


Hmmm. People or equipment?


A friendly reminder.

Tower Power.

Delusions of grandeur at the ice traffic control shed at McMurdo dock.


A dormitory named for home.

Mammoth Mountain Inn.

Another California dormitory.


A sign of entrepreneurship.


Not sure what's up here.


The door to the medical and dental clinic.


Evidence of a misdemeanor, but still my personal favorite from Mike's sign collection.

Follow the signs. Have a great weekend.