Earlier today President Obama spoke to students, faculty, and staff at Hankuk University in Seoul about nuclear non-proliferation, recent events on the Korean Peninsula, social media, America’s close alliance with South Korea, and other issues. You can read the President’s remarks here or view them below.

The President, Prime Minister John Key, and dozens of other world leaders are in Korea for the Nuclear Security Summit, a two-day follow-up to the original summit convened by President Obama in Washington in April 2010.

The leaders will review progress made over the past two years and discuss next steps toward the important goals of strengthening safeguards on storage and use of nuclear material, reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism, combating illicit trafficking in nuclear material, and preventing non-state actors from obtaining the information, technology, or expertise needed to use nuclear materials for malicious purposes.

Given the dangers posed by nuclear proliferation, the ongoing process is of critical importance to us all. As I wrote at the time of the first summit, everyone is exposed in very real ways. Even a distant detonation would disrupt economic activity and quality of life across the globe. And no one can count on a detonation being distant. Extremists choose their targets opportunistically and unpredictably.

I encourage you to follow the summit in the news this week and take a look at the communiqué issued at the end of the meetings. Let me know what you think about the work accomplished thus far and the prospects for moving the nuclear security agenda forward in the future.