I am delighted with the robust participation of American entertainers at this year’s 50th Independence Day celebrations in Samoa. I am particularly happy that we were able to arrange for Step Afrika, a critically acclaimed group of step dancers from the United States, to perform at a number of venues in Samoa during the anniversary week.

Step Afrika entertained a crowd of 250 at the National University of Samoa's Fale in the lead-up to Friday's 50th Anniversary of Samoan Independence.

Several of the Step Afrika ladies at the National University of Samoa's Fale.

Step Afrika has already performed to several large, enthusiastic crowds here. If you are in Samoa and would like to see a show – and I certainly encourage you to – take a look at the remainder of the schedule below:

Tuesday May 29:

2pm – 4pm: Performance at the Le Papaigalagala Fale, NUS

Wednesday May 30:

10am – 12 pm: Performance/workshop at Sataoa EFKS Hall
1:30pm – 3.30 pm: Performance/workshop at Poutasi village
9:30pm – Performance at Samoa Fa’afafine Association’s Annual Beauty Pageant at Gym 1, Tuanaimato

Thursday May 31:

7.30pm – 10pm: Performance at Moata’a EFKS Hall

Friday June 1:

12 pm – 2pm: Performance at Government Building stage
7:30 pm – 10 pm: Performance at Government Building stage

Saturday June 2:

7pm: Performance at Government Building stage

Monday June 4:

6pm – 10 pm: Perform at the ‘I Love Samoa Concert’, Government Building Stage

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed Step Afrika's performance and were highly entertained by the show at the NUS Fale.

Enthusiastic crowd joins the performers in a few steps.

Yes, we are working the steppers hard, but that’s because we want as many people as possible to see this dynamic American cultural expression. So do come by. I hope to see you at one or more of the performances. I’ll be at most of them, so say hello when you see me in the audience.

I’m saving up the best photos and will run a special Step Afrika performance post after the celebrations end. In the meantime, for more information about Step Afrika or stepping in general, check out the group’s website: www.stepafrika.org.