Believe it or not, you don’t hear “thank you” very much when you are in government service. So of course I was tickled to see the following advertisement in the Samoa Observer recently. Not just thanks. Special thanks. Made my day.

The Thank-you message from Y-Not in the Samoa Observer.

Thanks for what, you might ask. Well, as part of our cultural program at the Embassies, we brought San Francisco-based hip hop / reggae  musicians Audiopharmacy to Auckland and Apia for a series of performances and school visits. Because I was previously committed to be in Hong Kong that week, Dr. McWaine squired the group on my behalf.

Our friends at Y-not Bar in Apia graciously hosted Audiopharmacy for what the Doc tells me was a particularly legendary show on Saturday night. The club was packed. Almost everyone was dancing. And famed Samoan musician Ben Vai joined Audiopharmacy on stage for an impromptu jam that brought the house down. It doesn’t get much better.

I’ll be writing more about Audiopharmacy’s tour and school visits once I get caught up on the piles of work that accumulated while I was in Hong Kong. In the meantime, though, ”big ups” (as Audiopharmacy would say) to Jay, Tasi, Jordin, Afi, the Ozki Band, and everyone else involved for making the Y-not event possible. You are true class acts.

So, thank you Y-not for the thanks. Right back at you.